Red Lava Lamp – The Red Lava in Clear Liquid Effect

May 25, 2021 0 By admin

If you want something retro but not the kind that you see in a fortune teller’s cabin, the red lava lamp is exactly for you. Plug the lamp in and stay entertained for hours. A 10 inch lamp has a glazed silver finish and is small enough to fit anywhere whether it is your workplace or home. The model that has red lava floating in a clear liquid is one sight you do not want to miss. They are available for as low as US $13.99.

The lamp’s working principle is pretty simple. The red wax and the clear liquid have the same density when they are unplugged. They do not mix. Once you heat the red wax, its density is lowered and it rises. When it rises, it is cooled and falls back down red rock entertainment review.

This rising and falling motion of the lamp is a sight so enigmatic, you find yourself staring at it even if you do not want to. Go out and buy yourself one of these lamps instead of trying to make one at home. They are cheap enough.

If you were there in the 70s, you would know why lava lamps are all the rage. It helps you relate to the pop, rock and roll revolution, the rapidly changing fashion, the designs and d├ęcor and how everything in that time had to do with feeling good. Music clubs and stores display them to create the same feel- good aura about their place. Not to mention, it gets nostalgic too. The fascinating movements of the lava, even has kids drooling all over them. Same goes for the adults. And for those did not know about the existence of the lava lamp, how about love at first sight eh?

The aluminum top and base give it a classy retro finish. Red lamps are all the rage because they mimic the original lava color. The lamp boasts typical lava lamp design and the same relaxing aura that comes with it. Some of the red lamps can be 16.3 inches tall and weigh around 58 0z which is roughly 6 pounds. Even after 40 years, the lava lamp is found to be just as fascinating as before. It has not lost its soothing, mood-altering touch.

However, most of the users complain that the wax loses its vigor after a few days and takes longer than necessary to warm up to do the dance. This certainly is a disappointment for the addicted user. Then, eventually it stops moving at all. Then the lamp is of no use. Most of them can not help but wonder that why haven’t they perfected it after all those years. Most of the user reviews complain about the same thing.

Sometimes the light will not turn on, well then you can just forget about the lava coming to life. People have associated this problem with the red wax as the problem persisted with even the replacements they obtained. But the red lava lamp makes a very thoughtful present when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents. Everybody loves a lava lamp no matter what the flaws are.