Aerial Advertising is the New Wave of Marketing

June 2, 2021 0 By admin

Aerial advertising services can be seen at work over events which are attended by a large number of people, such as a sporting event or rock concert. Aerial advertising services can promote anything from the latest music CD launched in the market to what store is offering a 50 percent discount or when happy hour takes place at certain club. The more enterprising even use aerial ads to propose marriage to his or her partner on the ground.

Pole Heart Studio Hong Kong - Aerial Silks- 17/18 July 2021 | XPERT Fitness

An aerial billboard can be either painted or computer-generated and lettering is offered in various heights and in often lurid colors to serve as an attention-grabber. It is not unnatural to see thousands of heads turn upwards as an aerial billboard flies overhead with the unmistakable sound of a small-plane engine making for a captive audience letecké.

Even though using an aircraft may sound an expensive proposition, many companies have found aerial ads to be effective tools in marketing campaigns. Better than long drawn out TV ads or tedious ads in print media, aerial billboards are like a refreshing cup of coffee. In a very small amount of time, it literally turns heads and lo and behold!, the product, event or service is now known to all down below.

It is common for companies catering to the young crowd to go for aerial billboards to highlight products like beer and sneakers. During music festivals and over crowded beaches, aerial ads can be easily spotted even as aircraft crisscross each other to get the message across.

Clients availing of services for aerial ads are encouraged to provide their own customized designs to aerial advertising services companies wich will produce the aerial banner then be flown overhead for all to see. The effect is immediate and retention is said to be high.

Several companies have come up specializing in aerial advertising services. What’s more, they offer select routes where the flying banner or aerial billboard will garner maximum viewership, such as on beaches like Daytona and Fort Lauderdale in Florida during spring break, where any number of young people show up to soak in the sun and fun and get a shot at glimpsing at the aerial billboard.

Statistics provided by an aerial advertising services company show 88 percent of respondents recall seeing aerial ads up to 30 minutes after they have passed, 79 per cent remember what was advertised and about 67 percent recall seeing at least 50 per cent of the aerial billboards flying above them.