Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis – Breast Cancer

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Causes of Breast Cancer

The risk increases with your age. It may also be hereditary. At some point of time 1 in 10 women develop breast cancer. The chance of developing it increases after menopause. If you had early puberty or late menopause, you had your first child after your age touched 30 then you may get breast cancer. The chances reduce if you had your first child before 18 years of age, you had a short menstrual cycle, you have a large family.

Symptoms of breast cancer

Some breast cancer may not have symptoms at all. Some of the symptoms are lumps, rash, breast pain, cysts, nipple discharge, and inverted nipple.

Why diagnosis is important

Breast cancer may kill you, so you should find it out as soon 乳癌醫生推薦 as possible. Early diagnosis will help you in many ways. Self examination and examination by health professionals are very important.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

How will your doctor confirm to you if you have breast cancer? Doctors will use different tests to confirm that you have breast cancer. These tests are MammographyExcision Biopsy UltrasoundNeedle AspirationNeedle Biopsy After the tests doctor may refer you to specialists or specialty hospitals for any further treatment or test. Other tests may be done there or repetition of the tests may be done again for confirmation.

What will you see in the self examination?

Check for any changes in shape or size, presence of any lump, any type of nipple discharge, tenderness in the breast. Make a monthly routine self examination of your breasts.

Is it serious?

Breast cancer is serious. It is very serious and can cost you your life. Early detection will help you a lot as early detection and treatment increases the chance of treating you successfully.