10 Best Motherboards of 2011

June 8, 2021 0 By admin

There are many ways to define which motherboard is the best motherboard. Surveys asking, which is the best motherboard by popularity are not close to responses for the best motherboard by user. You really have to decide for yourself. Recently, buyers of technical items have been more discriminating and relied a lot on user reviews. I hope the information in this article assists you to know which motherboard is the best motherboard for you.

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These ten motherboard choices are not in any order. We feel they are the ten best motherboards for 2011.

Intel D859EMV2L Pentium 4 Motherboard

This model has many expansion slots, USB2.0 connections and good workmanship. The design must be great since the memory on this mother board is blazing fast. The RDRAM price seems high but you get what you pay for. The motherboard manual says it needs a 350-watt power supply. Fully loaded that is not enough. Make sure you have a 550-watt power supply. With that power this mother of a board goes supersonic, even fully loaded innotechreviews.

Intel D945GTP Desktop Motherboard

The strength of this board is Intel brand and the fact it has IEEE-1394 support. This motherboard is works better with a step higher power supply than the motherboard manual advises. A 550-watt power supply works nicely.

Asus M4A78T-E Desktop Motherboard – AMD – Socket

This motherboard is very stable and works without surprises. There are many overclocking options, not hard to implement. It has a very good raid controller and external COM1 connector. The audio is fantastic. This seems to be a good candidate for the best motherboard, as far as we could tell. The motherboard manual and coordinated website are great. For those who build their own computer there are many helpful features.

Intel D915GEV Desktop Motherboard

This is another great motherboard that has the Intel brand dependability, 4Gb memory, 800 FSB, great on-board graphics and audio performance. Most buyers of this motherboard report having zero problems. The motherboard manual was adequate if you had some prior experience building your own computer.

MSI Platinum P7N SLI Platinum Desktop Motherboard

This surprising motherboard is very stable and full featured. The overclocking function is automatic which is nice. It is easy to upgrade, if you do it with MSI Utilities. The SATA connections were not so easy to reach and the motherboard manual could have been better. This board is bigger than most and for some a new case purchase might be necessary. Even with the less than perfect manual, it seemed easy overall to work with. Overall, the design helped make it easy to use. The motherboard drivers are simple to update.

GigaByte GA-X58A-UD7 Desktop Motherboard

There is no way around it, this may be the best motherboard for 2011 but this baby is expensive. The design even looks awesome and you can almost feel the power when you hold it and look it over. It has 10 SATA ports and everyone is 6GB ready. Overclocking is easy and it has a great ability to stay cool. The motherboard manual could have been easier to work with. The second IDE port is too far away for some connections and requires re-cabling, which is a pain. This great motherboard has LEDs to indicate power phases the RAM processor uses and two PCIEX16 slots. Despite the price, it has to rate as a one of the best motherboards of 2011.

Foxconn Mb 661Mx Plus Motherboard

This is a mid range priced motherboard. It is a socket 478 CPU MOBO but it does not have Dual memory capability. For people looking to exchange / replace an old 478 Socket board this is the best option. The board is stable and the motherboard manual is great.

ABIT KV-85 Desktop Motherboard

This motherboard is well priced for the features it has. It uses the VIA K8M800 chipset easy to work with. One problem was an incorrect BIOS temperature reading that is a bit annoying. All first time computer builders will find the motherboard manual very helpful. Most build-ups work the first time. That is how easy it is to work up to operating status. Overall, this is a great choice for those first venturing into building their first computer.

Asus AI Lifestyle P5K-E Desktop Motherboard

This motherboard is rated by users as a great bargain but the price has increased so something must have been upgraded in specifications. It is full featured with only some complaints about intermittent wifi problems.

Intel D850GBC Motherboard

This is another great Intel Motherboard for any build-up. This is considered a Pro Motherboard and it has great RDRAM but if something goes wrong, RDRAM is very costly and hard, at times, to get. The 800 bus on this motherboard is from the future. This motherboard needs a minimum of 1Gb RDRAM to operate at full capacity and it can go up to 2Gb if you can afford it. The motherboard manual is not for beginners.