Three Posh Communities That Offer Miami Luxury Homes: Coconut Grove, North Miami, and Key Biscayne

June 8, 2021 0 By admin

Miami luxury homes are a prime example of what the real estate market has to offer to property buyers who seek the opportunity to indulge in the desirable lifestyle which is made possible within South Florida today.

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If you happen to be one of the many property buyers who would like to purchase your own Miami luxury home, you will definitely want to narrow down all your options so that you will have a much easier time making your final decision. In order to help you find the best option for you, we have put together a list of three posh communities that offer the most fabulous selection of Miami luxury homes within the region Miami Luxury Homes.

Coconut Grove

There are a lot of people who come to the region in the hopes of being surrounded by the historical charm that makes South Florida so fascinating. If you happen to be one of these people, you may find the selection of Miami luxury homes within Coconut Grove, located east of Coral Gables, to be among the most appealing options of all because of the simple fact that it is the oldest inhabited neighborhood within the entire region.

Residents of the community can easily look forward to a grand selection of luxury homes which come in a variety of architectural styles which include Mediterranean Revival and modern contemporary styles. Most of these homes are located within close range to the shops, restaurants, and bars which showcase the artistic side of South Florida. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens located within the community showcases the old villa estate built by James Deering in 1916.

North Beach

Property buyers who are interested in communities that are less crowded than most areas within the region will be able to find a great selection of Miami luxury homes within the suburban city of North Beach which can be found along the Intracoastal Waterway. Designed in 1917, it offers a well-balanced range of shopping options, historical architectural attractions, and recreational activities for all its residents and guests.

Many have come to find the quality of living within North Beach to be highly ideal, especially among individuals who are more family-oriented since living within such a remarkable location provides access to the shopping mall at 163rd Street, the Oleta River State Recreation area, and the Greynolds Park where people can spend their time at the 9-hole golf course within a tropical, suburban city setting.

Key Biscayne

If you happen to be someone who would like to experience the opulence of living in one of the region’s most exclusive island communities, you are definitely going to love the Miami luxury homes that are found within the beautiful Key Biscayne Island which is located seven miles away from the city via the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Key Biscayne has been recognized as being one of the most expensive locations for people who would like to live within the region which is also why so many high-end property buyers prefer to choose among the Miami luxury homes that are found on the island, especially since it offers captivating views of the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Downtown district. Needless to say, people can look forward to an amazing range of options which are considered to be among the finest oceanfront homes that the South Florida real estate market has to offer today.