How To Keep Trade Show Displays Protected When Moving Them In Bad Weather

June 22, 2021 0 By admin

A well-made trade show booth is a sound investment in your company’s future, but it can also be a costly purchase. It’s only logical that one of your first concerns when you buy a unit is to keep it adequately protected. Storing it when not in use is easy; what’s more difficult is ensuring that you don’t unintentionally damage it during dangerous moves in bad weather. There are many hazards that can complicate your movements during storms, and learning how to minimize those risks is crucial for anyone who commonly uses trade show stands.

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Weatherproofing Means More Than Just Waterproofing

When most people think of damage from the elements, they immediately think of water damage. While rain is a definite hazard to any booth, it is not the only hazard – in fact, it’s not even the biggest hazard. It is easy to protect against and plan for rain by purchasing a simple case for your unit water damage Chicago. Small banners can simply be rolled up and slipped into a tube-like case which offers a watertight seal that protects them in even the most driving rain. Waterproofing is an easy task. Simply ensure that your unit is adequately covered such that water cannot get in, and you’ll be set.

Protecting Your Trade Show Booth From Other Elements

Extreme temperature change can be dangerous for trade show displays, especially ones with intricate mechanisms such as pop up units. In warmer climates, the components of your unit will expand slightly. When they become cold, they’ll contract, often quite suddenly unless the temperature change is gradual. The reverse is true when a unit goes from being hot to being cold: it will contract suddenly unless it’s a gradual shift. These sudden expansions and contractions can lead to cracks in the short term, and to weakening of the overall structure in the long term. Even though the expansion and contraction is so minor that you’re unlikely to notice it, protecting your unit from these extremes of temperature is crucial if you want to make the unit’s lifespan as long as possible.

Custom Designed Carriers Are The Best Plan

Protecting your display from cold and heat adds another layer of complexity onto protecting your units. You’re already concerned with keeping the parts protected from each other during shipping; adding additional insulation just takes a bit more space. The best way to ensure that you’re not going to have problems in any weather is to get a carrier for your trade show booth that is designed to be impervious to water and wind while also having a lot of insulation and padding. The parts of your trade show displays should not be able to bump into each other or rub together. In addition, they should be fairly well insulated from the temperatures outside. Keep in mind that many conventions take place in the middle of the summer or in the winter, when temperature fluctuations are all but guaranteed.

Whether you handle your own unit or have your trade show stands moved and stored by a professional company, assuring that you don’t have to worry about the weather is an important step. It doesn’t tend to cost much more than assuring safe storage and it can more than pay for itself in the course of a single storm season.