Sporting Activities To Keep You Entertained In Dubai

July 7, 2021 0 By admin

While most people sit in their cars and stay away from the outdoors in the summer months, the rest of the time is completely different, and everyone heads outdoors to enjoy the year round weather. Since Dubai has fantastic weather most of the time, and seeks to entertain the many tourists that visit, there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy, and here are the top sporting activities that you should look out for.

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While you can actually go horse riding in Dubai, its more exciting to watch the horseracing, especially the Dubai World Cup. As the world’s richest horse race, it brings a multitude of celebrities to the city to watch this spectacular event, as well as an excuse for residents and visitors to dress up. The biggest competition here might not be for the actual race title, but for the best hat, which sees many competitors every year. The Dubai World Cup usually takes place in March, but there are many other great race days in the main winter season, so get down to the racetrack fit out dubai.

Golf, golf and more golf

One of the biggest sports in the United Arab Emirates, golf has really grown over the years and with the freehold property boom, there have been even more golf courses added or in the stages of being added to the Emirate. The Emirates Golf Club, one of Dubai’s most established courses is home to the Desert Classic, a championship competition that pulls the best golfers in the world, and this takes place during the winter months too. If you want to get involved, then members and non-members will be making the most of the great courses and great weather, especially now!

Water sports

With miles upon miles of beautiful coastline, it’s no surprise that all forms of water sports are very popular here. From jet skiing to canoeing, sailing to water skiing, everything is available at one of the many beachfront resorts, or independently. It is important to note, though, that there are more restrictions these days concerning where water sports are allowed, and they are mostly restricted to the Jebel Ali side so nobody gets hurt if they are swimming.

All the rest at beach clubs and health clubs

If this isn’t enough sport for you, and you are looking for the usual leisure facilities such as tennis, swimming, squash and gymnasiums, look no further than the local beach or health club. They are well fitted with the finest amenities and facilities, many of them have spas as well, and all the hotels and apartments in Dubai tend to have excellent leisure facilities. Almost every freehold apartment on the market comes with a communal pool and gym, and most villas too!