Fax Machines – Features and Benefits

July 28, 2021 0 By admin

One of the oldest methods of sending data electronically is the fax machine. The first fax was actually sent back in the mid 1840’s. Although many additional features have been added, the process to fax something today, has not really changed very much. The most impressive machines are called All in Ones and these Fax Machines not only fax, they scan to email or fax, make copies, act as answering machines and are full color, high quality ink jet printers.

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Original Fax Machines were based on the use of a photo sensor. The copy that you wished to send was placed on a drum. As it rotated, small pictures were taken of the sheet and transmitted to another drum at on the receivers end. Similarly, the same thing happens today, but much quicker and better results best way to send fax from computer. The usage of Fax Machines has increased, dramatically in the past few years and you will likely find one in most homes as well as in every office.

The Fax Machine has become a standard addition to anyone utilizing a home office. It allows you to continue your work day, after hours. The more sophisticated ones have a multitude of features, essentially becoming a portable office. Many people are finding the need for scanning, accepting and sending color pictures and faxes and an answering machine. This has created a market for the All In One Fax Machines, which allow all of these functions to be handled from one location.

The All in One machines are the most functional units around. They offer the option to fax, scan, copy in brilliant colors and some even include an answering machine. Depending on your demands, you will have a plethora of choices when shopping for you personal fax. Even if you do not have the need for a work related fax at home, you will find many more uses for it than just having a copy machine. And the quality from an Ink Jet printer has been so improved that the work that you create will look almost as good as a Laser copy.

If you are shopping for a new Fax Machine, consider checking out as many manufacturers as you can. This way, you will be able to one that does everything that your work load demands. And, most importantly, you can find the ones with the best warranty. Many people who have just used the office fax, are not aware that these are sensitive machines and do require some upkeep and care. Although anyone that has experienced a paper jam has likely contemplated tossing the machine out the window, these happen less frequently with the smaller home based units.

With many companies offering quality machines, it may appear to be a daunting task to find one that you like and that suits your needs. The pricing has a very broad range, predominantly based on features and quality of print. You will see price points ranging from the around $70 to well over $1000. The higher priced units are usually Laser printers and when you add color to those the units gets kind of pricey.

Some of the companies that manufacture quality Fax Machines include, in no particular order: Compaq, Sharp, Lexmark, Dell, Panasonic, Brother, Hewlett Packard and Canon. All of these companies offer an All in One unit and the quality in each of them is high. You can decide which features you are in most need of, to help you narrow your choices. The speed and intensity of color should be primary checkpoints, but with almost every brand you will be thrilled at the features.