Use Memory Training to Prevent Embarrassing ‘Who Are You Again?’ Moments

September 15, 2021 0 By admin

It’s always mortifying to have someone suddenly stop you in the street of the hometown you haven’t visited for years then start chatting you up like you were the closest friends that could be, calling you by name and recalling incidents that happened when you were younger, but for the life of you, you could not remember who they are. Then when you finally admit the excruciating fact that have no idea at all who they are, you can be sure that they are going to be mad, or worse, hurt.

The aftermath, of course, would be that you will be blaming yourself for your poor memory skills. Well, you can stop worrying about these, if you undergo memory training. The 記憶法 techniques that could help you avoid such embarrassing moments can help you remember facts and information longer. Names, faces, dates – after you’ve trained your memory, recalling them would be a breeze.

Exercise Keeps Your Brain Fit

Brain exercise and memory training is not done with weights and stair climbers, but they will help you stretch and bulk up all the grey matter between your ears just the same. You’ve should know that the brain is like a muscle, it gets better and more efficient at what it does when it is used regularly and challenged frequently.

So what can you do as your memory training exercises? Like with keeping your body fit, you should think of ways that can keep your brain active. You don’t want your brain to be a lumpy couch potato. Did you know that daydreaming is good for your brain? You better believe it. Using your imagination makes many different parts of your brain work. The more vivid the imagination, the more work that your brain does. Create a whole new world in your head and see if after a time, you can remember what you’ve made. Memory training also consists of external stimuli, like puzzles, brain teasers, memory games and such.

For those tech savvy people, there are a lot of video games that can help you with your memory training. Most of them are cheap and are complex enough to make the brain work hard to win. There are a lot of video game developers that make the games even more challenging with time limits, multi-player options, side quests that have puzzles and quizzes, and so on.

Training you brain with these exercises can seem hard at first, but as your brain gets used to the barrage of work outs you can expect to be able to do more and more complicated puzzles as you progress. Soon, you’ll realize that your brain is as close to a steel trap as it can.