Planning a Lingerie Surprise

October 12, 2021 0 By admin

Spring is that magical time of year when the birds and the bees come out of hiding, and if you’ve got a special someone you’re looking to attract, lingerie is a valuable asset. Even if you’ve been in a relationship for years, there’s nothing like sexy lingerie to reignite your passion bielizna.

When it comes to lingerie, some ladies cling to a certain flawed philosophy: Out of sight, out of mind. If you only see your crush with clothes on, who cares what you’re wearing underneath? But even if your man – or man-to-be – can’t see the fruits of your labor, he’s sure take note of a certain something that’s different. It will make him wonder: Did she get a haircut? Have I seen that dress before?

The bottom line: Sexy womens lingerie will have you turning heads left and right, especially his.

To begin, let’s talk bras. To enhance your shape in any outfit (or none at all), begin by investing in some push-up bras. These sexy bras include sturdy underwire support and padding to gently and comfortably shape the bust. Depending on your favorite outfits, you might also consider halter or strapless push-up bras to accommodate for different cuts.

Next, be optimistic. You’ll be showing your lingerie to this guy – or some guy – before too long, so you might as well stock up on more intimate items, including lace, embroidered, and sheer bras. Wearing lingerie with lace and ribbon decorations is a great way to designate any evening as a special occasion. Embroidered bras achieve the same effect, but with a slightly classier vibe.

And of course, sheer lingerie can never lead you astray; sheer bras allow your man a tantalizing glimpse of your assets, while still offering all of the coverage or support you might desire.

Most of these bras are available with coordinating sexy thongs featuring the same material and embellishments. You can’t go wrong with lingerie sets – everything matches, after all – but you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match, either. Plus, your level of exposure is up to you. You can bare it all with a crotchless g-string, or opt for a slightly more reserved thong with a thicker strap.

No matter the style, men find thongs irresistible, and choosing sheer thongs will only enhance this effect. Like bras, sheer thongs leave less to the imagination. Who knows? You might even have a new haircut to show off…