How Do You Choose the Best Name for Your Podcast to Get Lots of New Listeners?

October 17, 2021 0 By admin

The name of your podcast is very important, because it needs to resonate around you, your passions, your business and your mission. Once you have decided on a name, the final decision is yours, no matter who says what, and you will have to live with that name come what may. Be very careful in choosing a name. You do not want to choose a name, and find that name has no future.

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Your very important podcast icon, who is your perfect listener, needs to know what the podcast is all about, and the listener gets exited hearing the podcast name, and the listener desperately wants another web cast episode short start-up names . The listener will schedule a whole day around your web cast, and of course when the listener talks about your web cast he or she uses the name of the web cast.

A nice easy memorable podcast name can benefit you in many ways. When people discuss your podcast they say it is really cool, and they start sharing it on all the social media where they discuss the key points.

In choosing the correct name, you must take great care to distinguish between any two words pronounced the same, but with totally different meanings. For example, pair-on-air, which is a dating web cast, and pear-on-air which is a web cast on food. Every single time you say your name, you have to clarify it. Another problem is for the search engines to get your keyword in the correct context. Best is to focus on objects search engines are looking for. The next questions to deal with, is it a descriptive word and is it an independent word?

In choosing the perfect name, the top-level domain “com” is hopefully available, but being such a popular name the chances are that somebody has already taken the domain name. The top-level domain or the suffix domain which is popular second to “com” is “co”, “net”, “me” and “org”. You want a short and sweet name, easy for the listeners to remember.

Naming your digital audio file is an early step in the process, however, you need to take action to name your digital audio file to bring you one step closer to the perfect Podcaster. Your chances are good that you will bump into the perfect digital audio file name unexpectedly. Maybe you are watching a sport show on TV and the announcer gets so exited, he shouts the perfect phrase you have waited for. That is the name of your digital audio file. It gives the vibe of the moment and is very descriptive and your perfect audio icon thinks the name is great.

What makes a good domain name? It helps when it relates to a popular trend like music, games, or movies. The domain speculator must be careful, though, to avoid any name that could be considered a trademark or copyright infringement. If they fail to heed the warnings, they’ll usually find themselves on the short end of a lawsuit and lose the domain name and a lot of money in the long run.

One of the easiest ways to make money with a domains is to generate consistent traffic. If the name has a popular, generic sound to it, it’s quite possible it may generate a lot of type-in traffic.

Type-in traffic is when surfers simply type a common word or phrase directly into their web browser. Now you may assume that most people use search engines to find what they are looking for, but a recent UCLA study reported 86% of online consumers reach websites though type-in navigation.

With all of this free traffic, it’s easy for a domain investor to sell even a relatively new site within a matter of days or weeks. A quick search of domains on auction sites such as eBay will reveal a vast list of names available for purchase, usually at huge multiples of the original cost. Domains that were originally purchased by a savvy investor can be sold for over $500.00 in three days or less.

And at larger domain auction houses such as, the best web properties can fetch upwards of $50,000.00. In fact, in early 2007, this auction house sold for $70,000.00 and for $116,000.00.

A good domain name doesn’t have to end in .com anymore either. With the increasing diversity of domain name extensions and the growth in the wireless market, domain name extensions seem to matter less and less.

So if you want to get in while the going is good, start brainstorming names and maybe you’ll be the next person to flip a million dollar virtual real estate property.

Great question. How does a domain name affect your Search Engine rankings? What actually contributes to the value of a domain name? Let’s take a look.

1. Type-in Traffic Years ago, many people didn’t understand the difference between the URL (Uniform Resource Locater) or address of the actual website and the search window in Google. One goes directly to a particular website, like the address of a house. The other is an actual search. So people would just type in what they were looking for in the *address* field…i.e. “new shoes”. This is called type-in traffic.

This meant that if you were lucky enough to buy a domain like “” for around $7.00 per year, you would automatically receive a respectable amount of traffic to that domain…type-in traffic. This would make the domain valuable, as it could be parked or used for an ecommerce shoe store…traffic equals money.

It is 2010 now, people are more savvy. More people use the search window and they know that it is a search window. So, type-in traffic has diminished, not to mention that everyone is hip to domain ownership, any ones with any value have been bought up. even buys domains they feel will have high traffic and resells them to you and me at a premium price, this is a premium domain. By the way, they will quickly settle for 70% of the asking price if asked. Type-in traffic isn’t what it used to be and domains are more expensive.