Composting Worms: Nature’s Recyclers

October 30, 2021 0 By admin

It’s quite remarkable how nature works. You can even start marveling with the thought of how composting worms help return the same resources back to the earth. It is from these what does tofu taste like worms own production of compost (also known as worm castings), that a nutritious garden mix is created without extra cost.

How compost worms came to be Nature’s Recyclers

Earthworms, particularly red worm composting worms, have always been used for the production of organic fertilizer. Red wiggler worms in particular, have been favored when it came to composting decomposing organic wastes. They have been made capable of converting raw materials into high-quality compost. So instead of dumping your daily collection of household organic wastes (which just goes to the landfills), have small pieces of these thrown into the worm bin for a change.

The castings that come from worms are actually packed with a lot of nutrients and trace minerals, most of which soil and plants can entirely benefit from. So when you feed your kitchen and garden scraps to red worms, they will be able to produce a healthy and untreated garden mix.

The production of free worm compost

Castings from vermicomposting worms is just simply ‘worm poop’. These earthworms are able to create a nutrient packed by-product by simply feeding on bite-size, decaying organic raw materials. But they don’t directly eat what’s provided to them. They actually feed on the microorganisms (good bacteria and fungi that are present in the composting system) that feed on these organic wastes. Since earthworms have no teeth for chewing, these creatures basically just swallow every thing that they eat. That is why adding some loose soil and crushed eggshells can be a big help with the grit needed for their digestion.