African American Dolls – For Girls Only

November 29, 2021 0 By admin

Every girl from her childhood dreams to have a doll. But what kind? Now in stores you can find a lot of different dolls, small and large, white and black, beautiful and elegant.

The most famous and classic doll known is Barbie. She is a bubbly and attractive doll, with many personalities. She has many clothes, accessories, and the girls love to dress her up. For many years Barbie was manufactured the same color, white ラブドール通販 . After some time a black Barbie doll was released, whose name was Christie. She had a unique red dress with a gold rim and beautiful thick hair. This is now considered a collectible doll, though she is not very expensive, but finding it on sale is not easy. After that, the company Mattel many times has produced dolls of black color, and each time they were getting better and better.

African American girls were very happy when the market began to produce dolls similar to themselves. This is because the doll portrayed them and were very pleasant to children. Today, more and more companies begin to produce black dolls because they are in demand. Now many women sew dolls themselves. I saw a lot of African American dolls made by hand. Nothing can be better than such a gift. Such a doll carries the warmth of the hands and the joy of the heart.

African American dolls also have their own history. Very many years ago in poor families there have always been pieces of old debris, from old dresses, from lather. Women collect these pieces and sew them into dolls, filled with old thread or cloth. Such a doll did not need much decoration; it was enough to sew a red thread mouth, black threads eyes as well as eyebrows and it was ready. Even a doll can be dressed in a simple dress and decorated with buttons. These dolls were considered primitive dolls, because they were very simple in appearance, but very valuable for children.