The Bandeau Tankini Has Different Brand Names

December 7, 2021 0 By admin

Since the Tankini was first designed in the late 1990’s, every well known designer joined in with all the other bandeau tankini brand names and made and launched at least one Tankini design. Nike, DKNY to Victoria’s secret have all done a Tankini top and bottom featuring the under wire among other additions brand naming suggestions . But the list of designers that have designed Tankini tops and that continue to do so is very impressive as it includes top brands like Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Nautica and even Calvin Klein.

There was a big controversy in 2005 when Victoria’s secret launched its new range of the tankini, featuring Buddhist iconography which resulted in a lot of bad and good publicity for both the tankini in general as well as Victoria’s secret. But that is not the only publicity that the tankini have gotten, because the name was carried by some famous brand. For example, there was the time when Halle Berry arrived at the MTV awards wearing only a skimpy bikini top with matching pants which started fueling a fast growing trend of wearing that kind of clothing when going out on the town on a hot summer’s evening. But the mix and match ability of the tankini is what has always been a large part of its appeal, as you can do whatever combination you feel comfortable in.

This is not unlike the beginning of the bikini movement which saw many different variations and designs that have come and gone over the years. A very well know fashion writer called April Masini, suggests that women who do not have the perfect body or who do not look like a super model, will be completely comfortable and will look stunning in a Tankini. She writes, “If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a bikini, the tankini is an option that is sort of in-between”.

The Tankini can be worn at any occasion from a wedding on a hot summer’s day, to a visit of a Polo event in a smart part of town. The use and flexibility of this new design is what will ensure its continued popularity, as you can express your own fashion desires and still be wearing a Tankini. Plus, there are now hundreds of different top designers that have made new innovations and variations on the Tankini theme.