Overview of Costume Jewellery

December 18, 2021 0 By admin

The aim of costume jewellery is to be fashionable for the moment, inexpensive and stylish. In the 17th century fake pearls and glass beads that matched or accented clothing were acceptable for daytime wear but for evening it had to be diamonds. These fake pearls were made in France with glass balls filled with wax and coated with ground fish scales. They resembled pearls and were fashionable for over 200 years. Glass or paste gems were manufactured in Paris in the 18th century and could resemble almost any genuine stone. Many costume jewellery pieces from this era still exist whereas the fine jewellery with real gems and gold have been broken and reset in more modern styles.

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When, in the 18th century, costume jewellery spread to England many items appeared other than earrings and necklaces including shoe buckles of paste and steel and jewelled buttons buy gold in dubai . In the 20th century pearls were very popular but very expensive. With the introduction of beautiful cultured pearls from Japan towards the end of the 19th century pearl jewellery became more affordable. Pearl clip on earrings were an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe and still are today.

Formal jewellery is meant for a corporate get together, wedding, dinner party or the opera. It is made from stones, beads and metals, not genuine gems or gold, and is usually simple with clean lines and subtle designs. Formal jewellery has a sophisticated look that is best suited for formal occasions. It comes in sets or individual pieces of necklaces, clip on earrings, bracelets, rings and chokers. Semi precious stone clip on earrings and necklaces are also made for formal attire.

Many brides these days prefer costume jewellery for their important day because it is well designed, fashionable and much more affordable than genuine diamonds and gold. But low cost alone would not convince a bride, the spectacular, shimmering sets with semi precious stones and gold plated silver would, however, convince anyone. Sets with matching chokers, necklaces, clip on earrings and bracelets make a dazzling show.

For casual wear costume jewellery has unlimited possibilities. The materials are plastic, leather, glass, horn, beads, bone, wood, resin, even paper, feathers and clay. It is fun to wear and makes an individualistic statement that reflects the wearer’s personality. There are so many possibilities there can be something different for each outfit. Casual costume jewellery is trendy, contemporary and hugely popular today.

Evening wear costume jewellery is about glamour. Delicate chains or stone studded bracelets, designer pendants or chandelier clip on earrings – this jewellery is about sparkle. Shells are also a popular material for evening jewellery. All of this is available at affordable prices so you can have sets of different styles.

Costume jewellery also comes in religious and spiritual themes. It is very trendy jewellery from the signs of the Zodiac to large stainless steel crucifixes. Ancient Egyptian symbols as well as Greek designs are available. Some believe these images and designs bring energy and well being to the wearer.

The most sought after costume jewellery tends to be that made using Swarovski crystals. These high quality crystals shine like genuine stones and when set in trendy styles are truly eye catching. They are suitable for formal, evening and wedding jewellery with great elegance without the high price of genuine stones. Semi-precious gemstone clip on earrings are also in demand because they are genuine stones in the lower price range. These stones are suitable for casual as well as formal styles.