Backer of Smoking Ban Caught Red Handed

January 3, 2022 0 By admin

International and National bans on smoking have seemingly spread like wildfire throughout the world. Restaurants, cafes, clubs, and lounges that once held happy tobacco users now possess “No Tobacco Allowed” signs and “put out or stay out” mantras. Yes, the Earth has become a difficult place for those who love to smoke in public.

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Joining countries from all over, Portugal has recently lost its immunity to a strict smoking ban and gone the route of places like Ireland, Germany, and the United States Kandypens . A nation that once only outlawed smoking in healthcare settings, government buildings, shopping malls, schools, and mass transportation portals has become the latest country in the tobacco-free trend. As of midnight on January 1, 2008, a smoking ban was enacted that outlawed tobacco use in the majority of public places, including bars, clubs, restaurants and pubs.

Ironically enough, as soon as the ban went into effect, the man behind the ban – Antonio Nunes – was caught breaking the rules. He was photographed near Lisbon by the daily Diario de Noticias with a lit cigar.

With a health conscientious society, millions of people are trying to stop smoking. Nicotine gum, nicotine patches, support groups, medication, hotlines, and even hypnotizing all serve as ways to help people crush their cigarettes for good. Now, a more unique incentive has arrived to help people quit smoking: a luxurious stretch limo. This ploy hopes to be a vehicle of inspiration to those who just can’t quite seem to kick the habit to the parking lot curb.

This anti-smoking campaign was recently activated in Vienna, Austria. Initiated by The Austrian Nicotine Institute and Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, this campaign aims to help people quit smoking through what may just work best: showing them how much smoking hurts not their health, but their wallets.

The campaign, called “Smoking instead of Smoking,” is intended to help smokers see what they could have purchased had they not spent years and, in some cases, nearly whole lifetimes, purchasing expensive cigarettes, cigars, ash trays, and lighters.

Touring around local Austrian shopping centers until March of this year, the campaign will involve a luxury stretch limo. The lesson is aimed to show smokers that – had they not been addicted to nicotine – they could have purchased a luxury stretch limo, or a comparable entity.

Those behind the campaign believe it will work where other anti-smoking campaigns have failed because of the unique spin. Instead of singing the same old “smoking is bad for you” song, and telling people what they already know, the limo campaign shines a new light on how costly smoking actually is. If people won’t quit for their health, perhaps they will for something near and dear to their heart: their pocketbook.

The Austrian Institute of Nicotine believes that the luxury stretch limo campaign may be as effective as a decision to raise the price per pack of cigarettes. Raising the price by just a few dollars, they said, would help people quit. In fact, money is usually listed as one of the top three reasons why smokers decide to hang up their habit forever.

Municipality of Dubai issued an instruction. It’s mission consists in helping the shopping complexes, hotels, restaurants and other places of public use in settlement of smoking problem in public places.

So, in that instruction there are legibly specified places where smoking is prohibited and where it’s allowed. As well as requirements to places for smoking are revealed; also directions of security and health protection are given.

Apart from this a list of offenses and the amount of according fines are specified.

The Municipality decision about prohibition of smoking in public places was made accordingly the Dubai Strategical Plan, stipulating health protection for the population and improving the quality of their life as for the country’s citizens and as well as expatriates; and according to Municipality Dubai Strategical Plan, anticipating the purity of air indoors and interdiction for smoking in buildings of public use.

The smoking prohibition is being introduces stepwise: since September 15th 2007 smoking was forbidden in supermarkets and commercial centers, and since November 18th 2007 – in all the cafes and restaurants. On the third and final stage smoking will be prohibited in hotels, including resorts, motels and hotel apartments.