Smoking Kills And That Is That

January 5, 2022 0 By admin

Most smokers will argue , everyone has to die, so I smoke, I will die one day anyway. But what they do not realize and they do not acknowledge is that first before you die from smoking, you suffer enormous pain. You suffer. Yes, you do. So while you are enjoying that cigarette are you acknowledging to your self that you will suffer a horrible death one day?

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Smokers say, You are going to die anyway, and they think that this is a good reason or good excuse to smoke. Wrong! Yes, every human being will eventually die. However, we are all going to die in different ways at different times and by different methods. Some are going to suffer horribly before they die. Smokers are almost guaranteed a horrible life before they die. First, the smoke takes oxygen out of the blood, therefore, every organ in the body that requires oxygen is going to be oxygen-deprived when you smoke Dosist Vape Pen . Your body suffers, your mind suffers and every organ in your body suffers when you decide to smoke. You might lose your limbs, your fingers, your toes, your legs; you could lose all or any of those, just because you are choosing to enjoy cigarettes.

Smokers say, I’m not coughing, so the smoke is not affecting me. Reality is that not all smokers cough. Most do, but some do not. And if you are a smoker and you are not coughing, all that means is that you have more of the poison staying inside of your body. There have been many smokers who smoked for decades without coughing, and later suffered from various smoking diseases and symptoms and then died a horrible death. Smoking kills. It kills you and it kills the people around you.

Smokers say, I have a right to smoke. Reality is that others, all other human beings have a right to breathe. And they have a right to breathe without breathing in your second-hand passive smoke. So their right to breathe comes long before your right to pollute the air and lungs of non-smokers and other smokers. Yes, even smokers are being affected by second-hand smoke. The smokers breathe in and usually inhale their own smoke and then they breathe in the more dangerous second-hand smoke of other smokers.

Smokers say, Mind your own business. Reality is is that your smoking is my business when you put your smoke in MY air. If you stand next to me anywhere while you smoke, you are polluting my air and I do not agree with that. So, your smoking is my business. And, your smoking is my business more than you can imagine. When you run out of money to pay for the surgery you will need, and you run out of money for health care, you are then making it my business. Smoking kills.

Smokers say, I can smoke outside my building. Reality is that there are laws that require you to stand a certain amount of feet from the front of the building. And reality is that when I come out of the building and your smoke blows in my face due to strong winds, you are polluting my air. Reality is that you have no right to pollute my air and you have no right to permit your smoke to go inside of my nose, mouth and lungs. Smoking kills. Smoking kills you and kills the people around you. It just doesn’t kill them in one day. Smoking makes people suffer so much pain. The same pain that people connect with drugs and alcoholism. I know you find that hard to believe, because smoking, so far is legal, but the pain is real. Ask anyone who has suffered from passive smoke. Check the people in the hospitals and nursing homes and see how many of them are or were smokers. Smoking kills.

I have repeated that over and over because it is very important that smokers and those exposed to smokers know that fact of life. It is an important fact of life, your smoking habit is killing you, and slowly, painfully killing the people around you. Eat chocolate instead, suck on a mint instead, have a glass of tea, instead. SAVE someone’s life today, even if you do not care an ounce about your own life, save a life. Do not smoke today. You are strong enough to do that. Save someone’s life. Have a chocolate.