Air Density for Drag Racers

January 11, 2022 0 By admin

Mechanical fuel injection is frequently used in drag racing engines. This type of fuel injection system provide a great deal of control over how the engine is tuned. With that control, there is a greater freedom to tweak the engine to get the most power Kameymall . However there are many factors that come into play. Weather changes and elevation changes are two of those factors and knowing how they affect your engine can help in setting up your engine.

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Combustion occurs in an engine when a spark ignites a combination of fuel and oxygen. Getting the right ratio of oxygen and fuel is key to getting the most power out of your engine. The oxygen is one of the components that make up the air we breathe. The Air Track is an important variable to determine your engine nozzles, jet sizes, and engine set up. While the amount of fuel can be controlled by the nozzle and jet sizes, the amount of oxygen in the air changes based on the weather and the elevation.

Knowing your elevation is important because the amount of oxygen in the air gets to be less and less the higher up you go. The amount of oxygen at a track at sea level will be significantly greater than the amount of oxygen at a track in the mountains.The weather also affects how much oxygen is in the air. In one cubic foot of air there are several constituents including oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. There are also pollution particles, moisture particles, and other materials taking up space. The more other elements in each cubic foot of air, the less room there is for oxygen.

The higher the humidity, the less oxygen there is in the air . The hotter the temperature, the less oxygen there is in the air. The higher the barometric pressure, the more oxygen there is in the air. All of these factors influence the air to fuel ratio.It is important to note that getting your barometer readings from the local weather report can be misleading. Barometer values are corrected to provide a standard value across different elevations. Because of that, you either need to correct the barometer value related to the current elevation or use a barometer measuring device to get the unadjusted value.