Kids Gymnastics Equipments For Healthy And Strong Kids

January 14, 2022 0 By admin

Gymnastics is a physically demanding and highly competitive sport that tests its athlete’s agility, balance, flexibility, rhythm and strength. The word gymnastics also refer to a system and routine of physical exercise used for educational and therapeutic purposes. Educational gymnastics is a program of challenges given by the master to its students. This involves conditioning, flexibility and strength. Therapeutic gymnastics on the other hand is for physical therapy. Therapeutic or remedial approach of this activity is made up of a series of carefully selected exercise routines which helps relieve discomfort in the body and even restore the body from disability.

Boys and girls as young as 2 years old are encouraged to learn gymnastics. There are lots of kids’ gymnastics equipments suited for their age, size and interest. Kids are normally highly energetic, thus asking them to use kid’s gymnastics equipment like the uneven bars, vault, balance beam or making them stretch on gymnastics mats may look like playing for them.

A physical activity like this will help develop your child’s body and mind; develop flexible and strong muscles, develop high energy, give your child a sense of discipline and keenness. Here are some kids gymnastics equipments for your child.

Gymnastics Floor Mats

• Mats are the most common equipment for indoor physical activity. Gymnastics mats are also often used in aerobics and martial arts training rooms. This type Air Track of mat is designed to absorb the impact and stress caused by tripping, flipping and tumbling barefoot. Mats are the most important equipment for kids, as they will usually run and play around with their buddies. The extra padding provides safety and avoids joint injuries from exercises.

• Balance Beams
Balance is another very important skill in this activity. A study from University of Illinois said that, kids who practice gymnastics and use balance beams have better sense of balance than those kids who do not. A balance beam for kids should be 16 ft long and 4 inches wide. The height of the beam from the floor must correspond to the kid’s height and level of training. Kids will learn to roll, turn and flip on a balance beam, developing their balance and core and muscles.

• Uneven bars
Though the use of uneven bars is a competition for women, there is nothing wrong to let your small boys learn from it. This can make your child develop flexible and strong muscles. The bar should be 1 ½ in wide and 8 feet long. The height of the bar from the ground depends on your kid’s age and skill level. But of course, a spotter is always required.

• Vault
Running with pointed toes can be developed easily with the use of the vault. This develops the hand and eye coordination of your child as he/she has to run and slow down when approaching the board. Visit Kameymall to shop online